“You’re doing WHAT?!”

A mid-forties move to a distant land that’s about to head into winter, armed with a Thermomix, a few books and a knowledge of Swedish that hasn’t really been used in 26 years, is probably not a situation many people might find themselves in. And yet here I am! Doing exactly that!

Saltvik, Ă…land Islands, Finland

‘Why?’ I hear you ask…. well, it’s always about love, isn’t it? You fall in love and all of a sudden you are making life-changing decisions. And with a Thermomix! My love for cooking and all things Thermomix related has come with me to the amazing Mariehamn, so I have decided to let my passion fly free and blog about it! And hopefully, a few Scandinavian people might come along for the ride… (and, of course, anyone else who is interested!)

So here you will find recipes (tried and tested), adaptations, Swedish versions of old favourites, healthy eating recipes, all adapted for my Thermie, as I affectionately call her. You may also hear about my new home and the adventures I have!