About me


I’m Lisa, a forty-something Australian recently moved to Scandinavia (my own kind of ‘sea-change’!). I have arrived, armed with a love of healthy food and cooking, as well as a passion for locally sourced products AND a Thermomix!

“What is a Thermomix?” I hear you ask…. it’s a cooking machine that can replace many of the other appliances you have in the kitchen. It chops, cooks, stirs, whisks, whips, grinds, steams, boils… and has scales! I had only had a stick blender up until I got the Thermomix so I was very excited when I got this serious upgrade! I can make my own nut flours (a seriously powerful engine really helps), make a whole meal at once with the steaming basket, quickly make dips, ice cream, crush ice… endless possibilities once you start.

Thermomix T5

I will be sharing recipes I love and new discoveries from this part of the world, with some that have been adapted for the Thermomix. My partner and I try to reduce processed foods so you will find recipes that use natural sweeteners (avoiding cane sugar) and variants to wheat flour when possible (I like to use nut flours).